For Him

Sex toys for him

Stimulating the male libido calls for finesse. Touch is a necessity – but what do you do when he craves more than what your body has to offer?

These tools take him on a sensation-filled journey that can’t be found elsewhere. Penis pumps, ribbed butt plugs and prostate massagers await, eager to please. Either used solo or with that sexy someone, there’s always a way to experience intense climaxes, even when you think you’ve reached the greatest peak yet. 

Gaze through our collection and settle on something that intrigues the imagination. You won’t lose anything by exploring what it has to offer.

The best sex toys for men are made to satisfy

Most of the erogenous zones in the male body are behind the zipper. From tip to balls, every part of the package deserves attention, and we gladly supply it through the products we stock.

Enticing feelings of pressure, vibration and texture are here to tantalise every part of the masculine erotic centres, inside or out. The toys we source are engineered to perform and built to last, so you can safely push the limits of play and unleash your passion without worry.

Solo play is a dream come true with our silky fleshlights and prostate dildos. Both products feature high-quality, medical-grade silicone that glides and slides, ensuring every inch of flesh is treated to glorious sensation. When the session comes to an explosive end, the cleanup is simple and easy. All you need is a thorough wash with soap and water, or toy cleaner if you desire.

As for our pumps, they can hold in more pressure that you can imagine, yet will never explode (not even after you do). See how long you can last when bliss builds up with every passing moment.

Buy male sex toys online 

Becoming a better lover begins with knowing your own body. We’re committed to helping you do that, and make it simple and enjoyable so you can take your pleasure to new heights.

Whether you’re curious to test the limits of your libido or training yourself to endure longer erotic escapades with an irresistible lover, these hand-picked pieces will help you along your journey. All you need to do is select a piece that takes your fancy, and we’ll discreetly deliver it to your door, anywhere in Australia.

Be prepared for blinding pleasure, because it’s about to flood your system from head to toe. That’s the power of Sensationally Seductive products. Experience it now.