Shopping for Dildos Online: Australia’s Go-to Shop

We appreciate that shopping online comes with a sense of privacy, security, and the comfort of your own home—however, there can be pitfalls too. When you’re on the search for sex toys, knowing (and feeling) the different shapes, sizes, and brands in-store can help ensure that you go home with your best choice. Ready to find a happy medium? Check out some of our leading tips and tricks for finding your best fit from afar.

Dongs, Dildos, and Toys: Size Matters

If you can’t be in-store to check out our range of toys for yourself, here are a few key things to keep in mind when browsing our store:

  1. Material: We always recommend silicone first—it’s soft, malleable, easily cleaned and hygienic, and is one of the best waterproof materials for shower sessions.
  2. Size: If you’re just easing your way into more adventurous bedroom play, we always recommend downsizing at first—or investing in a few different options. Because there are levels ranging from beginner to advanced (depending on your kink) size is just one of the ways that you can ease in to see what you’re comfortable with and what best suits.
  3. Type: Different bodies and different preferences will take to different toys. Whether you’re stocking up for group play, solo time, or just for two, there are playthings customised for you. We recommend considering your most likely use (or browsing for a solo piece if you’re just learning the ropes) so you know it will fit the occasion.
  4. Accessories: One of the pivotal things to consider regardless of your play preference is having the right accessories on hand to make everything easy and fun. What does this entail? We always recommend rocking up on condoms, lubricants, and cleaning products to ensure your safety and comfort—all of which can be easily sourced and selected online.

What To Know Before You Buy Dildos Online

Some of the commonly asked questions we most often get are how to browse our store in a way that secures your safety and privacy. To support our customer’s peace of mind, we prioritise:

  • Fast, discreet shipping
  • Confidentiality and privacy from product selection, to check-out, and delivery
  • A growing range of products to support our customers from different backgrounds, different interests, and those at different stages on their journey
  • Nationwide shipping and complementary accessories so you can stock up at our one-stop-shop
We want every customer to be satisfied with the Sensationally Seductive platform as their secure, go-to destination for all things sex.