Super stimulating penis rings

Powering one-on-one play is that much more enjoyable with a tantalising toy is worn. Sensationally Seductive pieces happen to be much more exciting than your standard silicone models – which only heightens the energy travelling from you to your partner.

We offer reusable and disposal options to suit your tastes, so you always have something new to try. Nerves need constant change to keep them fresh and sensitive, and we gladly oblige.

These designs treat the whole package to experiences that it’s never felt before, making it possible to reach sensitive zones you didn’t even know you had. As for your partner, they’ll love the bliss you bring them with every supercharged thrust of the hips. Slip on a scintillating toy and prepare to be overwhelmed with heavenly euphoria.

Clitoral and vibrating cock rings take her over the edge

Most women only come when their clitoris is stimulated. Rather than occupy your hands all night, why not buy toys that will do it for you?

Our tried-and-true models reach the sweet spot every time you make contact with her body. Buzzing sensations travel directly from your toy and onto her bundle of nerves, letting powerful climaxes ripple across and into her. The ecstasy will have you both in a dreamy sphere of satisfaction – but there’s more than one way you can get reach that special place.

Our magnetic, vibrating models are just as satisfying as our ridged styles. We put our knowledge of the male anatomy to good use by finding creative ways to bring blood flow and bliss to every inch of your package so that you can perform at your peak.

Words can only hint at the kind of ecstasy you’ll both enjoy. Experience it first-hand and let the sensations floor your cells with sweet, sensual heat.

Shop stimulating cock rings online

We wouldn’t be called Sensationally Seductive if we didn’t know how to stir up your body’s full carnal capabilities. The stimulating cock collars and cages we provide teleport you to new places, and it’s all thanks to our in-depth expertise of all things erotic.

With a range that does more than just massage your manhood, these pieces milk orgasms in funtastic ways. Buy a few for the bedroom and venture into a dreamy realm of sexual euphoria, where the waves of ecstasy crash over you with full force.