Stimulating anal butt plugs and beads 

Anal can be the most satisfying form of sex you’ve ever felt. With Sensationally Seductive toys treating your rear to incredible feelings of ecstasy, pressure and vibration, exploring the full potential of your body is fully possible.

Our aim is to make your nerves dance with stimulation and fuel the greatest sex of your life. The designs we have in store aren’t just run-of-the-mill silicone styles – they do clever things that will ignite your curiosity and desire in one go.

Read the product descriptions carefully to unveil the full potential of each piece and enter a whole new world of back-door delight.

Sensational tunnel, tail, and expandable butt plugs

If you want to feel unreal, these pieces are just for you. The mere mention of their unique features will leave your muscles clenching with anticipation at the satisfaction that’s to come. And come you will.

The only question is, which tantalising toy will take you there? With expandable, tail and tunnel options on offer, it’s really a matter of taste. For those who crave endless adventure, we’d suggest you select a few and test drive them all...

To begin with, try a cute animal tail butt plug, perfect for enacting animalistic role play. Whether you’re acting like a pussy cat who wants to be stroked or a bunny who wants a big, juicy carrot, your partner will love looking at the prop while thrusting from behind.

Inflatable and vibrating models are also on the menu. Imagine vibrations travelling through your rear, joined by building pressure that increases pleasure with each passing moment. If you haven’t experienced anything so wildly erotic, now is the time.

The carnal enjoyment and mind-blowing orgasms rolling through your body is almost guaranteed. Don’t deprive yourself of the experience.

Let our tantalising butt plugs transform your love life 

In our eyes, cultivating intimacy is an art form. We love to stock tools that help create erotic bliss between two bodies, keeping passion alive in the process.

Where conventional toys don’t do it for you, our designs are sure to satisfy. New doors into sexual bliss will open up, leading to heightened connections between you and your partner. There’s nothing more satisfying than explosive playtime, as we know well.

Lube up and prepare yourself for a wild, passionate ride leading to exciting new horizons.