Shopping Anal Toys for Him and Her

Whether you’re searching for solo play accessories or buying props to bring to your group or partner, anal toys require a special kind of care and finesse – especially when shopping online. Why? Size and material matters.

To find your next favourite plaything at Sensationally Seductive, we’ve summarised our best online anal prop shopping tips below.

How to Shop for Anal Toys Online

First things first – we all know that back-door fun comes with more sanitary considerations than standard everyday play. Before you pick out your next favourite toy, we always recommend:

  • Stocking up on dedicated cleaners: These are a basic necessity that will minimise the risk of bacterial infection or cross-contamination
  • Stocking up on lubrication: Men, women, and anyone who identifies otherwise will need lubricant to safely have fun – so don’t forget to grab an extra bottle before you click ‘Checkout’.

After that, a few good considerations to keep in mind include:

  • Material: Silicone is soft, safe and comfortable. It also cleans well, and most silicone models are water-friendly for shower play.
  • Size: We cannot stress this one enough. Beginners should always look at sizing down until they learn what works, what doesn’t, and size up only when needed. Some kits come with a variety of size choices so you can test them out as you go.
  • Shape: One shape does not fit all! There is a wide range of sizes to consider among the toys. Well-practiced people may have their preferred type – while newbies will want to try out a few different moulds to see what they like best. Not sure where to start? Ask a close friend or partner with experience about what they like and don’t like. You can also speak to our experienced staff!

We Value Privacy: Buying Anal Toys Online

Sensationally Seductive values fun, comfort, privacy and safety. With nationwide shipping and a growing range of accessories, lingerie and playthings for every taste, we’re proud to offer Australia just the thing to make their next session the best one yet.

Have questions about privacy and security concerns? Check out our Terms of Conditions and Privacy Policy pages to see how we work to maintain your privacy so you can shop with confidence.

Buying for a partner? Check out our Essentials page to stock up on the basics. From lube to condoms and prop cleaners, we have everything you need so that you’re good to go for a wild night of fun.